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Includes sandbag liner and zip ties for convenience.

Indoors or outdoors, the CERBERUS Sandbag is made for tough stuff like lifting, carrying, throwing and loading – and it trains your grip each time you workout. The Sandbag is awkward to lift, requiring that you fight hard to perform exercises with it, just like working with a “real-life” person or object. A great choice for all athletes, strongmen, MMA athletes, grapplers, wrestlers or anyone looking for a new challenge and a versatile training tool. Coarser grained sand works best and we would also suggest some form of liner for your sand such as the CERBERUS Sandbag Liner.


  • Rugged bag measures 24″x36″ (61cm x 92cm)
  • Max loading capacity of 130kg
  • Durable, good-looking, and easy to use
  • Made from 1000D Nylon Cordura
  • Quadrupled stitched with heavy thread eliminating any spillage
  • Has an inner collar, making the sandbag quicker and cleaner to close
  • Use indoors or outdoors
  • Simulates stone lifting in a much more cost effective and convenient format
  • Superb functional training tool for strength, conditioning, and grip work


Three easy ways to get the most out of your sandbag!

Use it as a conditioning tool/sport-specific – with a light to moderate weight bag at the end of your workout or as a separate conditioning session. Do long runs or sprints while doing a front carry with the sandbag (improved core strength, grip strength and forearm development, upper back size and strength and conditioning).

Ground to overhead reps for time – try sets of 30sec, 60sec or if you are doing conditioning for an event e.g. a lot of strongman events are 75 or 90sec just pick it up and get it over head with either a strict press or jerk or push press whichever way you do it will be a killer! (Power, core strength, grip strength and forearm development, posterior chain, shoulders, triceps pretty much your whole body).

Your options are endless here – push it, drag it, throw it, pull it.

Use it as a replacement for your “normal” barbell – use a moderate to heavy weight sandbag and use instead of the barbell – works great for front squats, overhead squats, cleans, overhead press, push press/jerk, floor press, bicep curls (light to moderate weight bag) the list goes on don’t be afraid to experiment just be aware not to try the same weight as you would have on a barbell.

Use it for strongman training – one of the most common events in strongman is a loading race or medley. One of the staples of this event is a heavy sandbag (between 100kg and 120kg) the bag is picked up and carried 10/15m and loaded onto a platform of some type. Try the same thing. The sandbag is also a great alternative to atlas stones. Lie the sandbag horizontally, lift from the floor using your legs and back using your arms as hooks not to pull with. Then sit and rest the bag on your knees the come over the top of the bag and in one movement lift the bag up and extending it up using your hip and leg drive extend as far as you can and load it on to the platform.


Open out your sandbag & open out your liner inside your sandbag.

Now fill your liner/sandbag with the desired amount of sand, we suggest coarse sand please note that the maximum suggested weight is 130kg!

Using the cable ties provided seal the liner closed in the bag, so it is tight and compact, do not cut your cable ties, trim off any liner excess.

Now tighten the draw string on the inner collar make sure that is as tight as you can get it.

Now gather up the open end of the sandbag and get it as close/tight to the sandbag liner. You want the bag to be compact. Now using the external tie strap wrap it clock wise round the tightly gathered up material so it is as tight as you can make it.

Feed the end of the strap through the plastic fastener and pull the strap so it tightens the strap and locks the strap tightly in the plastic fastener.