[STYRONGMAN GARAGE SALE] Cerberus Figure 8 Straps

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Cerberus Figure 8 straps are made with heavy duty cotton canvas that has special weaving for maximum durability and is rated to several tonnes with industrial strength sewn loop. These lifting straps have been designed for durability and heavy lifting in mind. Figure 8 Straps are a fantastic training accessory to help enhance lifting technique and reduce premature grip fatigue used to increase your work rate by up 30%.


  • Enhanced Lifting Technique
  • Allows you to train your pulling movements to maximum effect equalling improved strength and muscle growth
  • Padded foam for comfort and improved performance
  • Excellent for Shrugs, Deadlifts, Bent Over Rows, Pull Ups or Pull Downs, Single Arm Dumbbell Rows and more
  • 3 Year warranty from date of purchase against splitting/tearing of material and stitching

Place wrist through one of the loops and pass the second loop underneath the bar. Feed your wrist through the second loop, securing the bar in place. Grip the bar and the strap securely before performing your lift. Supplied as a pair.