Ghetto-Rigged Deadlifts and Some Pressing

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything regarding my training, or anything at all for that matter. But lately I’ve had the urge to share again, so maybe I will add a weekly post or two about how training is progressing. Right now, I don’t have any competitions planned. Finances are the primary […]

Strongwoman Mothering

Strongwoman Mothering I just got done deboning two chickens, bathing a 3 year old, ridding the carseats of pee and vomit, doing laundry and making pies for both my strongman husband and my little girl’s leap program teacher. I am beat, but all I can think about is May. By May I need to be […]

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2015 NC Strength Challenge

Last Saturday I placed second in my first strongman competition.  I competed in the novice under 160 lbs division.  The entire day was amazing and exhausting.  It so was much fun and I was able to meet a long of great people who share my passion!  Here is a video recap of the events.  Keep […]

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Beer City Brawl – November 7, 2015

So, I haven’t added any entries to the blog in an embarrassingly long time. I haven’t done a progress report on my goals for the year, mostly because I don’t want to admit to Allison that my front squat has now caught up to my back squat, and neither is nearing the 2015 target weight. I did […]

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