Heavy Deadlift Monday

Monday’s are becoming one of my favorite days because I get to Deadlift. Today was a ‘shock’ workout for me. I haven’t done 5×5 on Deadlift in forever and the extra reps took a lot out of me. Throw in feeling a lot of sinus pressure from being sick and you get some serious head […]

Day 1 of NAS Nationals!

I wish I was there, but next year I will definitely be there! Got an update from some friends that are competing: Standing after Day 1: (just what I have heard. not fact) Travis Lucas (<175) 3rd place! (out of 23 competitors) Steve Trippe (<175) 5th place! (out of 23 competitors) Tra Farrington (200 -231) Doing well… […]

Just another training day

If your gym isn’t open… just bring the equipment with you. Today I brought a barbell and 350lbs of plate weight to work. It worked out well just deadlifting in the parking lot with bumpers. Workout: Deadlifts (speed) Warmup with light deadlifts 345lbs x 3 reps x 10 sets (w/ straps) Front Squats 165lbs x 8 reps x 3 sets (power clean to start) […]

Halloween Training


This is my first Training Log post. I hope I can keep up with this. Every Wednesday, I train in the parking lot at my work. I owe my great friend Shanti a lot for helping me create this habit. But what do you do when it’s Halloween and there is a company event at lunch…? You […]