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Axle feeling good… arm not so much.

Tuesday Right arm started hurting during warmups… grip was too weak on right side so continental cleans got a little ugly as the weight got heavier. I decided to call it after Axle because my arm was throbbing.

Front Squats for a new PR!

Monday Wanted to try to get 350lbs on front squat today… really bad. Had a little friendly competition with Keith and Steve and so I was motivated! Happy that I am feeling more comfortable with front squats…

Short week after a long conference.

Thursday Just got back from a 3 day conference that had me sitting for 12 hours a day… felt worse than if I had worked out heavy just the day before.

Deadlift needed to end early… bummer.

Thursday Today really didn’t go well at all. I was doing fine with the deadlifts but having some issues with choosing my belt.

Overhead Training Tuesday.

Tuesday Some things were good today… some not so much. I did decent weight on my presses but I had to resort to some split jerks that I was trying to avoid.

Front Squat Monday!

Monday Trying to get back into taking video and recording what I am doing so I can see progress and pitfalls. Front Squat Warmup 235lbs x 8 reps (whoops…

Finally able to train near normal since back injury.

This week I was able to train without too much pain… but I did skip a deadlift workout and tried to take it easy on anything back heavy. Here’s what I did this week. Monday I decided to skip the deadlift workout and get my Crossfit Open 14.

Finally back to posting again… This week was up and down!

So… I got hurt… So last week I hurt my back placing down the bar after a deadlift session with 455lbs for sets of 5. I just got loose… totally my fault. I have tried my best to remain calm and let myself recover.

Time to test my squat!

Did another great workout at MCCF. Check out today’s WOD! Do You Even Squat? Weightlifting Back Squat (5-3-2-1-1-1) Work up to getting a new 1 Rep Max (1 RM).  The majority of the time will be dedicated to getting a new 1 RM.

Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thursday We had a great Thanksgiving here. The Morehouse family was joined by: Tim Bald, Feisal Suleiman, Travis Lucas, and the Doug & Lisa Lucas. Terrific time. No training for me. Just lots of food and friendship.