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Finally able to train near normal since back injury.

This week I was able to train without too much pain… but I did skip a deadlift workout and tried to take it easy on anything back heavy. Here’s what I did this week. Monday I decided to skip the deadlift workout and get my Crossfit Open 14.

Finally back to posting again… This week was up and down!

So… I got hurt… So last week I hurt my back placing down the bar after a deadlift session with 455lbs for sets of 5. I just got loose… totally my fault. I have tried my best to remain calm and let myself recover.

Time to test my squat!

Did another great workout at MCCF. Check out today’s WOD! Do You Even Squat? Weightlifting Back Squat (5-3-2-1-1-1) Work up to getting a new 1 Rep Max (1 RM).  The majority of the time will be dedicated to getting a new 1 RM.

Great Thanksgiving Holiday!

Thursday We had a great Thanksgiving here. The Morehouse family was joined by: Tim Bald, Feisal Suleiman, Travis Lucas, and the Doug & Lisa Lucas. Terrific time. No training for me. Just lots of food and friendship.

Day before Thanksgiving. Update on lifting and such.

Last Week I had some GREAT training last week. Programming went really well. Tested my bench and hit 325lbs for a nice little PR. Squats are also getting more and more comfortable. Event training on Saturday was excellent.

Training going fairly well

Monday Bench Press 265lbs x 9 reps 245lbs until failure 225lbs until failure Pullups BW x 20 reps - not in a row obviously.

A new type of training… off season perhaps…?

Monday I don’t bench often… Bench Press 245lbs x 7 reps 215lbs until failure 195lbs until failure Okay… I can only do 4 pullups in a row. So I just took 20 second breaks and tried to knock them out as fast as possible.

2013 NAS Strongman Nationals

This was my first Strongman Nationals… I didn’t know what to expect… definitely a humbling experience! 40th out of 65 competitors. I am keeping this post positive.

1st Place at River City Strongman Challenge 2013!

Had a great time with some great people at the contest. Here is my recap of the events from yesterday. Max Axle Clean & Press I only get 3 attempts for a max axle… I decided to do: 280, 300, 320. Turns out I didn’t need to do 320lbs…

Great pressing workout tonight.

I just had a great evening workout with Travis. Trying to stick with my programming has been tough but it is helping with my weaknesses.