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The calm after the storm. NC Strongest recap.

Now that I have had some time to breathe and get somewhat back to normal life I thought it would be a good time to take inventory of how my last Strongman contest went. I take things seriously.

Still working on that log press!

Wednesday Decided to get some log pressing done during lunch instead of waiting until strongman training in the evening. Felt pretty good! Still can’t get 6 at 245lbs but it is getting better.

Some Front Squats and SLDL

Monday I’ll be honest. Training has been really hard for me to get motivated lately. I have missed a ton of training due to work and I needed to try something a little different.

Time for heavy doubles on Axle!

Tuesday I was prepared for 300lbs for a double. I think I may have even dreamed about it. Once I got it… it only took a subtle “Keep going.” for me to do more.

Week 12 – Pectoral Flies for the Cutie Pies

Had to drive to NY to grab one of my mom’s dogs. Won’t get into specifics, but I ended up driving about 1500 miles over the course of 3 days.

Week 11 – Progess Continues

Lots of good stuff this week. It was a heavy week and hit some good numbers with a good bit in the tank on everything. 8/11/14: Deadlift Deadlift 135×5 245×3 335×2 445×1 535×1 625×1 675x1x3 sets Video: https://www.

Squats and Pressing. Good way to start the week.

Monday Squats felt ok. I am happy that my previous PR is something that I can do any given week now. Paused squats suck! Why do back squats now have to feel worse, just because front squats are feeling better.

Week 10 of Training

Had a pretty good week of training. Lots of PRs despite my diet being suboptimal. 8/4/14 Deadlift 135×3 245×3 335×2 445×1 535×1 615×1 655x2x2 sets 660×2 Video:

Rained out… but the training must go on!

Saturday Was planning on some Yoke runs but instead did some circus dumbbell singles.

Deadlift still not right… but overhead feeling good.

Thursday These didn’t feel right from the very beginning. My lower back just feels like someone is stabbing it with a knife… it actually felt best without a belt because I was able to stay tighter I guess. Oh well.