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About the Contest

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For More Info, Contact:

Lynn Morehouse
(919) 389-2270

Venue & Date

Crossfit Brier Creek


Weight Classes

  • Mens Novice
  • Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness)
  • Mens <200 
  • Mens <231 (LW)
  • Mens Masters 
  • Mens 231-265 
  • Mens 265+ (HW)
  • Womens Novice
  • Womens <140
  • Womens 140+


(all events other than final stones event are head to head!)

Carry Medley
(60 sec time limit – split times & distance taken)

  • Carry yoke 50ft.
  • Run back 50ft.
  • Carry frame 50ft.

(Unlimited drops but a 2 second slide penalty. Straps & chalk allowed. No tacky!)

Yoke Frame
Mens Novice 405lbs 365lbs
Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness) 555lbs 495lbs
Mens <200 605lbs 545lbs
Mens <231 (LW),
Mens Masters
645lbs 595lbs
Mens 231-265 695lbs 645lbs
Mens 265+ (HW) 765lbs 695lbs
Womens Novice 225lbs 215lbs
Womens <140 245lbs 235lbs
Womens 140+ 265lbs 255lbs


Ground to Overhead Medley
(60 sec time limit – split times taken)

  • Clean & press Olympic Bar once
  • Clean & press Axle once
  • Clean & press Log for reps

(Chalk allowed. No resting of implement on belt.)

Olympic Bar Axle Log
Mens Novice 165lbs 185lbs 165lbs
Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness) 185lbs 205lbs 185lbs
Mens <200 225lbs 245lbs 225lbs
Mens <231 (LW),
Mens Masters
255lbs 275lbs 255lbs
Mens 231-265 265lbs 285lbs 265lbs
Mens 265+ (HW) 275lbs 295lbs 275lbs
Womens Novice 75lbs 85lbs 85lbs
Womens <140 90lbs 100lbs 85lbs
Womens 140+ 100lbs 115lbs 95lbs

Sled Push & Pull
(60 sec time limit – split times & distance taken)

  • Push sled 50ft
  • Pull sled 50ft

(Chalk & gloves allowed.)

Mens Novice not bad
Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness),
Mens <200
Mens <231 (LW),
Mens Masters
Mens 231-265,
Mens 265+ (HW)
Womens Novice light
Womens <140,
Womens 140+
not bad

Deadlift Medley
(60 sec time limit – split times taken)

  • Deadlift Axle once
  • Deadlift Frame once
  • Deadlift Olympic Bar for reps

(Straps, chalk, & Deadlift Suits allowed.)

Axle Frame Olympic Bar
Mens Novice 295lbs 405lbs 365lbs
Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness) 385lbs 545lbs 455lbs
Mens <200 435lbs 585lbs 495lbs
Mens <231 (LW),
Mens Masters
475lbs 635lbs 545lbs
Mens 231-265 495lbs 675lbs 565lbs
Mens 265+ (HW) 525lbs 725lbs 635lbs
Womens Novice 165lbs 235lbs 205lbs
Womens <140 185lbs 255lbs 225lbs
Womens 140+ 205lbs 275lbs 250lbs

Ultimate Stone Series
(90 sec time limit – split times taken)

  • Load stones in sequence onto 48″ platform (8 stones available)

(Tacky allowed.)

Mens Novice 125lbs, 150lbs, 175lbs, 200lbs, 220lbs, 245lbs, 285lbs, 310lbs
Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness),
Mens <200,
Mens <231 (LW),
Mens Masters
175lbs, 200lbs, 220lbs, 245lbs, 285lbs, 310lbs, 330lbs, 355lbs
Mens 231-265,
Mens 265+ (HW)
245lbs, 285lbs, 310lbs, 330lbs, 355lbs, 375lbs, 400lbs, 440lbs
Womens Novice,
Womens <140,
Womens 140+
50lbs, 75lbs, 100lbs, 125lbs, 150lbs, 175lbs, 200lbs, 220lbs


(We are in need of good sponsors. We will promote any individual or business that will support the show with money, time, or equipment)

Platinum Level Sponsors

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

Bronze Level Sponsors


European Wax Center
Apex, Cary, and Morrisville

Photo & Video Sponsors

Lauren Eckard Photography

ThreeEleven Photography

Wes Madison Photography

Individual Sponsors

  • Lynn & Jaime Morehouse
  • Travis Lucas
  • Steve Trippe
  • Shanti Greene
  • Svavar Sigursteinsson
  • Stefán Sölvi Pétursson
  • Thomas Bowman
  • Tom Simon
  • Cedric Woriax

Official Competitor List <– No spots left!

(This is in the opposite order of entry received, which is also the order you will compete in for the first 4 events. The final stones event will be in current placement order.)

Mens Novice <– MAXED OUT!

Mens <175 (Strongman Fitness)

Mens <200

Mens <231 (LW)

Mens 231-265

Mens 265+ (HW)

Womens Novice <- MAXED OUT!

Womens <140

Womens 140+