2016 Mid-Atlantic Strongman Challenge

Strongman Corporation Sanctioned – Level II

(membership with Strongman Corporation required)


July 9th & 10th, 2016

Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Entry Fee is $100
(No refunds or exchanges. Even if you are injured.)

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For More Info, Contact:
Lynn Morehouse
(919) 389-2270

Weight Classes

  • Mens Novice
  • Mens Masters
  • Mens MW <200
  • Mens MW 200-231
  • Mens HW <300
  • Mens SHW 300+
  • Womens Novice
  • Womens Masters
  • Womens LW <140
  • Womens >140

Events – Day 1

Log Clean & Press for Reps

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(60 sec time limit)

(Must control the log down. No resting on your head!)

Mens Novice 175lbs
Mens Masters 225lbs
Mens MW <200 225lbs
Mens MW 200 – 231 235lbs
Mens HW <300 245lbs
Mens HW 300+ 265lbs
Womens Novice 95lbs
Womens Masters 95lbs
Womens LW <140 105lbs
Womens >140 115lbs

Max 18″ Hummer Tire Deadlift

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(60 sec time limit per attempt)

  • 3 attempts.
  • Rising bar weight. Cannot attempt lower weight.
  • If you fail an attempt, you forfeit any other attempts.
  • 50lb jumps for men. 20lb jumps for women.

(Straps allowed. No Deadlift Suits.)

Mens Novice  400lbs
Mens Masters  400lbs
Mens MW <200  400lbs
Mens MW 200 – 231  400lbs
Mens HW <300  400lbs
Mens HW 300+  400lbs
Womens Novice  250lbs
Womens Masters  250lbs
Womens LW <140  250lbs
Womens >140  250lbs

Sandbag Carry and Load Medley

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(60 sec time limit)

  • Men’s height is 48″.
  • Womens height is 42″.
Sandbag #1 Sandbag #2 Sandbag #3
Mens Novice 180lbs 200lbs 220lbs
Mens Masters 200lbs 220lbs 240lbs
Mens MW <200
Mens MW <231
220lbs 240lbs 260lbs
Mens HW 231-300
Mens SHW 300+
240lbs 260lbs 280lbs
Womens Novice
Womens Masters
120lbs 140lbs 160lbs
Womens LW <140 140lbs 160lbs 180lbs
Womens >140 160lbs 180lbs 200lbs

Events – Day 2

Frame Carry

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(60 sec time limit)

  • 75ft carry one-way.
  • No drops allowed.

(No straps or grip aids allowed.)

Mens Novice 450lbs
Mens Masters 550lbs
Mens MW <200 550lbs
Mens MW 200 – 231 600lbs
Mens HW <300 650lbs
Mens HW 300+ 700lbs
Womens Novice 250lbs
Womens Masters 250lbs
Womens LW <140 300lbs
Womens >140 350lbs

Circus Dumbbell for Reps

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(60 sec time limit)

Mens Novice 115lbs
Mens Masters 135lbs
Mens MW <200 135lbs
Mens MW 200 – 231 150lbs
Mens HW <300 160lbs
Mens HW 300+ 175lbs
Womens Novice 70lbs
Womens Masters 70lbs
Womens LW <140 80lbs
Womens >140 90lbs

Atlas Stone Series

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(60 sec time limit)

  • Stones must be lifted from lightest to heaviest.
  • Stone must remain on platform to count.
  • Men’s height is 54″, 52″, 50″, 48″, 46″, 44″.
  • Women’s height is 48″, 46″, 44″, 42″, 40″, 38″.

(Tacky allowed.)

Stone #1 Stone #2 Stone #3 Stone #4 Stone #5 Stone #6
Mens Novice  175lbs 200lbs 225lbs 250lbs 275lbs  300lbs
Mens Masters  225lbs 250lbs 275lbs 300lbs 325lbs  350lbs
Mens MW <200
Mens MW 200-231
 250lbs 275lbs 300lbs 325lbs 350lbs  375lbs
Mens HW <300
Mens SHW 300+
 275lbs  300lbs 325lbs 350lbs 375lbs  400lbs
Womens Novice
Womens Masters
 75lbs  100lbs 125lbs 150lbs 175lbs  200lbs
Womens LW <140  100lbs  125lbs 150lbs 175lbs 200lbs  225lbs
Womens >140  125lbs  150lbs 175lbs 200lbs 225lbs  250lbs


(We are in need of good sponsors. We will promote any individual or business that will support the show with money, time, or equipment)

Platinum Level Sponsors

Train Strongman, LLC.

Gold Level Sponsors

Silver Level Sponsors

cakes_to_envyCakes to Envy

Official Competitor List

(This is in the opposite order of entry received.)

Womens Novice

Womens Masters

Womens LW <140

Womens Open 140+

Volunteers <– We always need good volunteers!

(Get the best seats in the house! Helping on the event floor! We offer free T-Shirt and some food in exchange for your help. All volunteers are here because they love Strongman!)

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