2017 Mid Atlantic Strongman Team Challenge

Strongman Corporation Sanctioned – Level 2

(membership with Strongman Corporation required)


April 23nd, 2017

Charlotte Convention Center
501 S. College St.
Charlotte, NC 28202

Team Entry Fee is $150
(No refunds or exchanges. Even if you are injured.)
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For More Info, Contact:
Lynn Morehouse
(919) 389-2270


  • Male & Male
  • Female & Female
  • Male & Female


Circus Dumbbell Press

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(90 sec time limit)

  • Only 1 athlete may attempt a press at a time.
  • Dumbbell clean can be done while teammate is pressing.
  • Dumbbell can be cleaned with 2 hands, but can only be pressed with 1.
  • Implement and weight depends on athlete gender & weight.
  • Athlete may only lift their appropriate implement.
  • Down signal must be received for any lift to count.

(Must control the dumbbell down.)

Weight Type
Female <140 65lbs Texas Power Concepts
Female <180 75lbs Texas Power Concepts
Female 180+ 85lbs Texas Power Concepts
Male <175 115lbs Bigg Dogg Strong w/ Caps
Male <231 135lbs Big Top Circus Dumbbell
Male 231+ 165lbs Big Top Circus Dumbbell

Yoke Relay

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(90 sec time limit)

  • Each athlete will have their own yoke.
  • 75ft distance will be attempted per athlete.
  • Unlimited drops
  • 2 sec slide penalty
  • Yoke 1 must be completed fully before moving to Yoke 2
  • Both front feet of Yoke must cross the line.


Female <140 300lbs
Female <180 350lbs
Female 180+ 400lbs
Male <175 540lbs
Male <231 650lbs
Male 231+ 760lbs

Combined Max Deadlift

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(180 sec time limit)

  • Athletes will be given 1 bar and 1,000lbs of weight.
  • The sum of the largest successful lift from each individual athlete will be used as the combined max.
  • Only 1 athlete may attempt a deadlift at a time.
  • Down signal must be received for any lift to count.
  • Unlimited attempts.
  • There will be a formula to take into account team combined weight similar to Wilks.
  • This is not a team lift.

(Straps allowed. No Deadlift Suits. No Sumo.)

Team Power Stairs

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(90 sec time limit)

  • Only 1 implement may be lifted at a time.
  • Implement is designed for 1 athlete on each side of implement for lift.
    (a duck walk / power stairs implement with a long bar going through the handle)
  • 3 implements. (4 stairs, 3 stairs, 2 stairs)
  • Total score is time or number of stairs
  • Split times on each implement arrival to top stair completely and hands off
  • No hands on implement prior to Go command
  • Implement must touch each stair.


 Team Combined Weight Implement #1
Combined Weight <300 225lbs
Combined Weight 300-350 265lbs
Combined Weight 350-400 300lbs
Combined Weight 400-450 335lbs
Combined Weight 450-500 375lbs
Combined Weight 500-550 415lbs
Combined Weight 600+ 450lbs

12 Stone Series

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(90 sec time limit)

  • Score is based on total weight of stones loaded.
  • Only 1 athlete may attempt load at a time.
  • Stones can be loaded in any order.
Stone Weights
Male & Male 125,150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375, 400
Female & Female 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350
Male & Female 100,125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300, 325, 350, 375



(We are in need of good sponsors. We will promote any individual or business that will support the show with money, time, or equipment)

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Official Competitor List

(This is in the opposite order of entry received.)

Male & Male

Female & Female

Male & Female

Volunteers <– We always need good volunteers!

(Get the best seats in the house! Helping on the event floor! We offer free T-Shirt and some food in exchange for your help. All volunteers are here because they love Strongman!)

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