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Strongman Equipment for the kiddos!


So the kids got a preview of their Christmas presents… strongman equipment for kids! I plan on painting them pink for the girls and I made them as safe as I possible could. The bar is extra bendy so if they drop it on themselves it will not hurt them. I also made things a […]

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Friday night strongman… a little more raw!


Travis, Casey, and Amanda came of for some strongman training. Travis wasn’t feeling it after a long drive to get here so he was not his normal amazing self. (although he did spend the night so we can do it all again the next morning!) Axle was feeling good. I really thought I would hit […]

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Strongman training tonight? Sure!


Got together with some of the guys last minute for some strongman training. We normally train on Saturday mornings but since I couldn’t this time we decided to do Friday night. Steve, Josh, Travis, & DJ and Daniel from Swodzillas joined me for some late night strongman! I have to thank Travis for inspiring me […]

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Strongman saturday was a success

It was great to be able to train with Steve, Travis, & Josh again. Both Steve and Travis are still recovering and planning their training for the Arnold in Strongman Fitness next year. I am very excited for them both! Axle was feeling great but log press was feeling awkward. I still have a lot […]

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Axle Clean & Press

Overhead presses are one of my worst events so I have been working on them hard for almost a year now. I am finally getting a little better doing correct cleans, instead of continental. Presses have gotten better now that I am doing a better job of keeping my elbows up when resting before the […]

Day 1 of NAS Nationals!

I wish I was there, but next year I will definitely be there! Got an update from some friends that are competing: Standing after Day 1: (just what I have heard. not fact) Travis Lucas (<175) 3rd place! (out of 23 competitors) Steve Trippe (<175) 5th place! (out of 23 competitors) Tra Farrington (200 -231) Doing well… […]