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Ghetto-Rigged Deadlifts and Some Pressing

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything regarding my training, or anything at all for that matter. But lately I’ve had the urge to share again, so maybe I will add a weekly post or two about how training is progressing. Right now, I don’t have any competitions planned. Finances are the primary […]

Week 12 – Pectoral Flies for the Cutie Pies


Had to drive to NY to grab one of my mom’s dogs. Won’t get into specifics, but I ended up driving about 1500 miles over the course of 3 days. That amounted to 24 hours of being in my truck, 12 of which were accompanied by a 120 lb Akita sitting in my passenger seat. […]

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Week 11 – Progess Continues

Lots of good stuff this week. It was a heavy week and hit some good numbers with a good bit in the tank on everything. 8/11/14: Deadlift Deadlift 135×5 245×3 335×2 445×1 535×1 625×1 675x1x3 sets Video: These were a little slow, but much better than the last time I pulled that weight. I felt […]

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Week 10 of Training

Had a pretty good week of training. Lots of PRs despite my diet being suboptimal. 8/4/14 Deadlift 135×3 245×3 335×2 445×1 535×1 615×1 655x2x2 sets 660×2 Video: Did not get video of the 660×2, unfortunately. CS T-bar Rows 225x6x8 sets GHR 4×10 Abs Done. ——————————————————————- 8/5/14 – Benching Bench warm-up Up to: 275x5x4 sets Incline […]

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First Post – Past Couple Days of Training

I’ve been meaning to start posting my training and have finally gotten around to it. Hopefully I can keep it up and maybe it will motivate Lynn to continue to post his stuff 😉 Friday: 8/1/14: Pressing: W9D5 Fridays tend to be a late day for me. There’s generally an opportunity at school to see […]

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