My story

Life is tough. Everyone has battles. None of us make it out alone. #lifeisateamsport

Everyone has mountains to move, the question is really about finding your #purpose to move those mountains!

Five years ago one of my dearest friends, Jamie, was shot by her ex-boyfriend and killed. The ex was also my friend.

This was a traumatic way to PIVOT me into a real life. I always went through the motions and put on the “face of happiness”, but i was not happy.

I weighed 238 lbs.

What does this have to do with Strongman you ask?

My friend, Jamie, wanted to do a Tough Mudder but at the time I was too heavy and too out of shape. After she passed away I dedicated the next year to getting healthy and fit and was able to complete a TM. I ran with a team and we finished in 2 hours and 22 minutes, I finished 29/30 obstacles on the first try. Some random stranger told me I was “strong” that day. It proved to create a tiny seed that had been dormant inside me for years.

I was an athlete my entire life but as I grew into my adulthood, I let partying and others take the center in my life. I forgot about my faith, I forgot about my passions, and I forgot who I was.

Two years after Jamie died I decided to do a powerlifting meet, 3 years later I met a girl through powerlifting that asked me if I wanted to volunteer at a Train Strongman event.

I drove 3.5 hours just to spend the day with her. It was that day that my Strongman family was born. I have since volunteered at every single competition that Lynn and Jaime have done. I believe in the power of finding out what you’re capable of, because so many people live their entire lives and truly don’t know what they can accomplish. I love coaching and helping people hit their nutrition goals. This sport is the ultimate in finding out what humans are capable of! I have worked with at least a dozen Train Strongman athletes to help them see their true potential.

If you are reading this and have yet to compete at a Train Strongman event…I urge you to try it. It is the MOST welcoming group of athletes that you will come across.

What is your purpose? What will your hobbies show the world about you?

Thank you for reading. #youaretheonlyyou

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