Why I’m Going Middleweight

If you’re reading this and not part of the Train Strongman family, there’s a good chance you don’t know who I am. That’s OK. Most people won’t be all that interested that an unknown strongman is changing a weight class, but the reason why may be of interest to some. Thus, I have decided to write about it.

Everyone that knows me knows that I hate cutting weight. I normally compete in the <265 lb class or as a SHW because of this. I enjoy the challenge of competing with the big boys and handling heavier weights. But more than that, I’ve been in perpetual ‘bulk-mode” since age 17. I’ve gone from a weight of 140 lbs at 6’0″ tall to a lean 255 lbs in 12 years. I’ve fought tooth and nail to get where I am and it’s been a mental struggle for me to come to terms with potentially losing some of my hard earned gains. I’ve always had this mental fear of dropping weight despite much encouragement from friends and loved ones. Lately though, I’ve thought deeply about my goals as a strongman and the effects it has on all the other areas of my life.

In the past, I always had a goal of weighing 300+ lbs and making it to WSM. I usually kept that goal to myself because a grandiose goal like that tends to bring out the naysayers, and I don’t have time for them. Is that an attainable goal? Yes, I think it is. But recently, I’ve done a lot of thinking, meditating, soul searching, and self analysis. I simply asked myself: Why do I want to achieve this? Would it make me happy if I made it to WSM? Perhaps it would. That is not to say that I am not happy now. Seeing how far I’ve come makes me extremely happy and proud of myself. Surely though, reaching that level would lead to a massive sense of achievement. But what would be the effect on all the other areas of my life? How would it affect my relationships, my job, my health, and other aspirations of my life? Would it have lead to a balanced life? While it is impossible to know the future for certain, I believe the answer to that question is no. I feel that in order to achieve that, my life would have to become very unbalanced and that is not a life I wish to live.

It is my intent to live a life of balance. Yeah, I want to be strong as hell. But I also want to spend a lot of time with my future wife, loved ones, family, friends, be healthy, go on vacations not centered around training, pursue goals outside of strongman (financial and otherwise), and so much more. If I were to pursue being 300+ lbs and reaching the WSM competition, I would have to sacrifice a lot of that I think. That is unacceptable. I know for a fact that I will be a much happier person living a life of balance. I thus feel that being the best MW strongman I can be is a better goal to have while living a life of balance.

I know the challenges as a MW are serious, don’t get me wrong. But I feel I am better suited for them. Therefore, I will be throwing in my hat for the MW pro card in Charlotte, NC this April and will continue competing as a MW from then on. I’m looking forward to it. See you all then.

As you can see, the weight cut is well underway. A huge thank you to Jenna Petri for helping me with my nutrition, and Dimitar Savatinov for all his coaching and help, I am incredibly grateful. The funny thing is: I’m getting stronger than ever as the weight is coming off 🙂


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