2016 another year, another person offended…

I realize it is 2016. A time to be offended. I also realize that weight is a huge thing to attack right now, it is a soft spot per say.

I also realize I am a solid 200 lbs. I have not been below 180 in 5 years, so I feel like I have some authority on the situation.

I have been told I am fat (not a surprise when the majority of women are 150’s). I don’t get to shop at Abercrombie and their elite clothing for only the slim. I wasn’t offended when I found out they wouldn’t go above a 12? or was it a 14? I don’t get offended when Old Navy or Buckle do not carry jeans that fit my hips and thighs. I am not outraged. I wear athletic gear and get made fun of instead.

Meh, to hell with em, for several reasons. I am a person, not what I wear and not what I weigh. If I wanted to wear elite clothes, I would drop weight. If I gave a crap about what other people say, I would change. Being in denial about my weight is not something I am interested in, I am pretty busy already to add issues to my plate, much less to others plate.

Being constantly offended and not willing to change for the betterment of yourself or for something you want to do sounds like a personal issue, especially if it is being presented to you or brought to your attention. Quit using it for an excuse to be offended.