Strongman Fitness Finals at the Arnold!


Time for the finals!

Travis was going into the finals in 1st place which was nice, but honestly, we knew that these were great events for him and he would come out on top. We just needed to make sure he stayed injury free and did his best.

Circus Dumbbell Clean & Press for reps!

(140lbs & 75 second time limit)

Travis has gotten a ton better at the circus dumbbell in the last few months. He experimented with different techniques and had a lot of help from Steve Trippe (who is fantastic at the dumbbell!) before getting it right. After seeing Travis warm up with the 100lb dumbbell I knew we would be fine. He has managed to get the same fluid motion from his Axle Clean and Press form into the Circus Dumbbell! Throw in the fact that we were going last because of being in 1st place from the semi-finals, and I was feeling comfortable.

Video of Travis

Travis was able to easily claim 1st on this event and could have cranked out a few more reps if it was needed.

Husafell Stone Carry

(300lbs for max distance w/ 30ft and then turn)

Travis did great at the Husafell at Nationals last year and we were both confident he would handle this event well. Unfortunately, the dumbbell event did some damage to Travis’ right wrist and left bicep. Even with a good massage between events we knew this was going to be a painful event.

Video of Travis

Travis got 2nd place. Travis was disappointed in his performance but in the end he was still in great standing and was going into the last event solidly in 1st place.

Atlas Stone over Bar

(240lbs & 52″ bar w/ 75 second time limit)

Travis and I have trained stones more than a few times with almost exactly this weight of stone and platform height. I knew this weight would be nothing for Travis… he has done a 355lb stone at my place.

75 seconds was going to test everyone’s conditioning but I knew Travis could maintain form for this event. He was going into it last, knowing exactly the number of reps he needed to win. Even with his wrist and bicep throbbing from the past two events, I knew he would finish strong.

Video of Travis

He did it!

What a great finish to the competition! I had a great time meeting everyone and pushing Travis to compete at his best.